No Carb Weight Loss 2018

After traveling a lot I realized that the pounds were creeping up on me. Long flights , bad food choices and lack of exercise were really weighing me down . Both physically and mentally.

For years I kept hearing how our metabolism slows down as we get older. For years I thought I was invincible . That I could defy genetics forever .  I was wrong .

After a trip to California in November I came home 3 lbs heavier .  Like many people, I gained weight on vacation .  I kept finding it harder and harder to shed before the next trip or Holiday and wanted to make some lifestyle changes to lose some weight and gain more muscle tone.

I would like to share what I have been doing and welcome anyone who wants to do it with me for 2018 to join in. I am not a health professional by any means but just have been doing some research. What works for me, may not work for you. Everyone needs to find their own path and should seek medical advice from their doctors if needed.

I feel better and have noticed that my hair is shinier , my nails longer and my skin smoother . I cannot believe the results. If you would have told me all this 1,000 x’s I probably would not believe you.  Nobody can force us to make these changes. You have to do it when you are ready. I was ready!

On November 19th, I started a no carb diet .  No carb meaning ZERO carbs . Not even vegetables .  I will eventually add some carbs back in but am not ready.


On December 22nd, I started exercising. I am up to 3 miles a day about 4X’s a week on the elliptical and I added crunches


The first thing you need to do is get some Keto stick from Walgreens or Walmart . You want ketos in your urine and should check it the same time everyday. When you are in ketosis your body is burning fat .

Below you will find some articles on ketosis.

Follow me for recipe ideas as I continue my journey in 2018. You can email me at with questions. Id love to hear from you.

The Holidays: I cheated . I’m human. I indulged in some of my favorite home cooked meals and desserts. It upset my stomach and I gained 4lbs!!! But today is a new day I’m excited and back on track. Don’t worry if you have bad days. The important thing is that you get back on track!

Memorial Day weekend is 19 weeks away.

If Zero carbs isn’t for you. Try low carb and see what amount of carbs your body can handle to stay in ketosis. Track your carbs with this article and don’t forget to check your ketos everyday



Current pictures taken January 1st 2018:


Many of the food items you are eating contain carbs so be sure that you check labels and are conscious of the food that you are preparing and eating. No carbs are generally in meats, cheeses,  eggs, cold cuts, and certain types of fish.

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