MOIC 11/13/17


The Museum of Ice Cream

I was very fortunate to receive┬álast-minute tickets to the MOIC (Museum of Ice Cream) this week on my trip to California with my sister. We were visiting a family friend. We went to the museum Monday night and the line was only twenty minutes long. We were put into groups at first, but didn’t stay with them after we left the first room. After we received a complementary chocolate, we entered a room that was filled with tiny mirrored tiles. This was followed by an ice cream testing room. Then came the good stuff. We then entered the section for the swings, and a room full of hanging bananas. No, they weren’t real. I was able to capture some artsy pictures, pretending to be a little kid again. The next room was mint theme, and the next room had large popsicles coming out of the wall. The following room was where we laughed the most…. the gummy bear room. My sister decided to open the big container of gummy bears. She then scooped up a whole bunch with her bare hands, ignoring the scooper next to her. A worker at the other end of the container yelled at her, but Bella was filled with so much adrenaline that she didn’t even notice the lady handing the gummy bears out to a group of girls. We laughed at her for a while and continued on. It was best room of all , my favorite, and the room I was looking forward to the most. The sprinkle room! We were given 5 minutes to play in the pool. Which didn’t feel like a whole lot of time when you’re trying to rush and compete with everyone to take really cute Instagram photos. We carelessly threw the sprinkles into the air, they were hitting people but we got the perfect photos and boomerangs. After we were done, we made our way to the gift shop and bought some ┬át-shirts. Overall we had a lot of fun at the museum. It is very different from a typical museum, and I totally recommend it because it is worth seeing if you get the chance !

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